Business Assessment
Optimize Web Page

SEO Business Assessment

Step 1

We will assess your SEO business strategy and define clear objectives regarding outcomes from your Search Engine Optimization project. We will perform sector analysis regarding your target industry, competitor analyses and develop a clear e-marketing and search engine marketing strategy based upon collaboration between our respective teams.

The first stage will involve a strategy meeting on-site where project goals and timelines are outlined and where overall strategic direction is decided.

Key Metrics: SEO & E-Business Strategy Document, Competitor Analysis, Project Goals and Timelines Determined.

Develop SEO Keyword Strategy

Step 2

Next we develop your Search Engine Optimization strategy around preferred keywords. Keywords are what customers and end-users search for in the search engines. Keywords for an SEO campaign are not always obvious, so we will analyse traffic and competition for targeted keywords identified in the earlier meeting and through our analysis.

Once optimum keywords have been selected we then will order these by importance and move on to the next stage.

Key Metrics: Keyword Analysis, Identification and Prioritisation

Optimize Web Pages

Step 3

With any SEO project the optimisation component is by far the most important and time consuming. Consisting of two main parts: (a) On-page optimisation; involves looking at the content of your website & developing strategies around keywords contained within it and (b) Off-page optimization; looks at factors in the web space such as link building and social media strategy.

This phase of the project is critical and once implemented you will be able to see results starting to show, based on increased business and web analytics reports.

Key Metrics: Keyword Density, Tag Construction, Link Popularity Analysis

Track Your SEO Campaign

Step 4

A critical part of any SEO project is to monitor and analyse traffic to the site. This information is invaluable to the business owner, marketer or sales team as it will allow you to identify popular products, top landing pages to place calls to action and to identify pages where visitor are falling off.

Its not just the number of visits that makes your SEO campaign a success, but other key indices such as length of visit, visitor locations, traffic sources and time of visit. This SEO intelligence will allow you to customise your site for maximum effect.

Key Metrics: Visitor Trending, Top Landing Pages, Bounce Rate

Measure SEO Outcomes and Review

Step 5

The final stage of the Search Engine Optimization process reviews the initial goals set out at the start of the project and measures outcomes based on current site performance. It is important to remember that search engine optimisation is a fine art, not an exact subject, so outcomes based on exact numbers, although often surpassed, can be difficult to predict.

The true measure of success for an SEO campaign is not just an increase in traffic, but an increase in the volume of business and hence market share and profitability.

Key Metrics: Traffic Audit, Hit Rate, Global SERP Ranking Review


The science of online success

Located in Dublin, WebScience Ltd. was founded in 2007 with a mission to assist organisations and entrepreneurs to achieve a greater level of exposure in the online world, to enhance the usability and accessibility of their web presence and to open new opportunities for businesses and organisations.


Online Visibility & SEO

We know that increasing the online visibility of your website while controlling your costs is critical for the success of your business. Having an organic (or non-sponsored) presence in the search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo is critical to attracting customers and users to your site.


Web Accessibility

Providing information which is accessible to users who have difficulty accessing standard websites is an important new feature being adopted by many companies and organisations. We aim to assist companies to include users with visual, auditory, cognitive and dexterity impairments.


Web Usability

Usability describes the ease with which people can use your web content. We aim to consult, design or advise companies and organisations to ensure their site has maximum exposure to the general population. We follow usability guidelines such a Nielsen's Heuristics to achieve this.