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Your Social Media Footprint


The term Social Media Footprint is fairly new in the online marketing space and describes the digital
footprint left on social media resources by an organisation or company
. A new wave of online marketing
techniques using social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn has emerged
and there is a rush by companies to utilise these new marketing channels, due to the high conversion
rate associated with referrals
- due to brand recognition and reputation associated with that network.

At WebScience, we have been involved in Social Media for Business from the start of the revolution and have
built up strong technical knowledge of best practice techniques involved in the implementation of such
strategies for organisations and companies.

We target the following Social Media Techniques and Strategies:

  • Development of professional accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
  • Blog development, strategy and assistance with creative copy
  • Design and implementation of Viral Social Marketing Campaigns
  • Enhance your overall exposure online and tap into new sales and marketing channels